4 Interesting Facts About Linux You Should Know

Linux is a frightening operating system for many people. Dangerous and ominous! Full of complexity and devoid of any application software that only helps a select group of individuals and experts. Some people discuss Linux since it is a space-based operating system for astronauts. But is that correct?


You’ve probably heard something about the Linux operating system and its features. If you’ve heard anything about Linux, you’ve probably heard that it’s a scary, dull operating system with no tools that require you to do everything by typing commands. An operating system that does not even allow you to listen to music or play games!


In the past, Linux was just an open-source operating system. However, everything has changed in recent years. The Linux operating system is now a modern operating system that has nothing to do with Windows or Mac and cannot be done on Linux! Today is the day to put an end to Linux myths and misinformation.


Here are four of the most common Linux myths nowadays, and you’ll see that none of them apply to this operating system anymore.


  1. It is very tough to work with Linux.

  2. Linux is outdated and unappealing!

  3. You must utilize the Command-Line on Linux.

  4. Linux is incapable of running computer games!


Let’s look at these rumors one by one.


1- Working with Linux is very challenging.

This is the most frequent of all the typical falsehoods about Linux. It all comes down to how hard you work with an operating system! Is Linux Extremely Difficult? Not! It is even possible to argue that Linux is the soundest operating system ever created when seen from a different perspective. To get anything done on Linux, you must first understand how to do it just like any other operating system.


Learning the Linux commands is perhaps the most challenging aspect for people who speak about Linux in this manner. However, the total number of controls needed in Linux to perform the entire job is currently less than 50, and they are effortless to learn. Simply consider how many commands you have already mastered in Windows. Of course, Linux is not more difficult than Windows!


The issue here is that many Linux students come to this operating system with a pre-existing knowledge of Windows or Mac. You will run into problems if you expect Linux to operate precisely like these two operating systems. However, when seen as a different operating system with its own set of behaviors and tools, Linux is even simpler than Windows and Mac. Keep in mind that in Linux, things are done in the Linux way, not necessarily the Windows way.

2- In Linux, you must utilize the command-line interface.

What you know as CMD on Windows is the same as Terminal in Linux. In this terminal, specific commands are performed, and the result is what the user asked. Previously, the majority of Linux work was done via this terminal. Some instructions are still executed there, but not all orders and duties may be completed only via the terminal.


Linux, like Windows and Mac, can accomplish 99 percent of everything. That 1% also includes tasks that are considerably simpler and more comfortable to do at the terminal! In reality, if you are acquainted with the terminal and Linux commands, you can quickly address these issues when they arise. But just because you don’t want to use the terminal doesn’t mean you have to shut off Linux. To practice and get more acquainted with Linux, we recommend purchasing a Cheap Linux VPS and using this operating system’s robust and straightforward command-line interface. Ubuntu is the recommended distribution for newcomers.


3- Linux is outdated and unappealing!

Early versions of Linux were not well received, particularly in terms of aesthetics and visuals. As a result, many Linux systems now have an image similar to DOS or Windows 98! Those that converted to Linux years ago, in particular. Linux was ugly and outdated back then, but now…


The point is that Linux is now so advanced in graphics and aesthetics that it is fair to claim that it has surpassed Windows and Mac in terms of attractiveness. Assume that Windows and Mac only have one kind of graphics and desktop interface. In such a scenario, there are more than ten separate and different graphical and desktop interfaces in Linux that you may have on your operating system environment, and you can use any or all of them. You may also modify it in any manner you like.


Some of these desktops, like KDE, are intended to be so attractive and fashionable that after using them, you’ll wish Windows or Mac had the same functionality and elegance. Without question, Linux is the most visually appealing operating system available today.


4- Linux is incapable of running computer games!

Windows is the standard operating system for PC gaming, which is one of the reasons it is the most popular operating system on the market right now. If you want to play the most recent and best computer games, you should utilize Windows. But anybody who told you that Linux couldn’t run computer games was lying!


Many people are unaware that some popular computer games work nicely on Linux. The newest Linux release, GOG, and the newly launched SteamOS console, a version of Linux, all herald the days when Linux players would consider Linux to be one of the most powerful PC gaming platforms. This is most likely owing to Linux’s flexibility and lightweight.


In recent years, there has been a surge in the use of Linux Virtual Servers. They are accessible in an open-source format for free.


Debian was one of the first GNU / Linux distributions to be formed and structured as a development community. The source code for Debian 4.0 includes 283 million code lines, with an estimated cost of $7.37 billion to create that amount of code in a commercial setting. Debian’s code base serves as the basis for other distributions such as Ubuntu, Knoppix, and Xandros.


GNU/Linux is used by 10.90% of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. The top 10 supercomputers use Linux. 33.8 percent of the world’s servers use Linux, whereas 7.3 percent run the Microsoft Windows operating system.


Women, like males, have made significant contributions to the Linux kernel. Let’s see how much it is:


In 2016, women made up 10.5 percent of the developer population.


Women make up 9% of the Linux kernel Git population.


Women account for about 3-10% of Linux kernel merge requests.


Women make about 5% of Ubuntu users.


On a worldwide scale, India, Cuba, and Russia are the nations that favor Linux.


Linux is most popular in the states of Utah and California in the United States. (Of course, Silicon Valley is located in California, so this is not unexpected.)


In recent years, the usage of Ubuntu VPS has grown in popularity, and Internet users, the majority of whom are programmers, utilize this virtual server for faster access to their data.


On the other side, the availability of programs like Wine, a kind of Windows emulator, enables users to run Windows games and applications on Linux. This tool is not comprehensive and perfect, but it primarily potent fulfills the requirements of users.


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